"When everything comes our way,
we are on the wrong lane"

Aasif K Farooki

Decades ago…in Bellary, a small town in Northern Karnataka, India, Aasif Farooki aka Aasif Kshathriya, popularly known as 'AK' was born on the 1st day of July in sixties, to learned parents, who were professors (now retired), by profession. Under the influence of his parents, he grew to become a secular and a rational man. With time, Aasif picked up the artistic talent from his Mother & reading habit from his Father.

After completing his Masters in Applied Electronics, he pursued MBA and also Indian Legal Studies. On the other hand, he grew up nurturing Fine arts, Crafts, Painting and Theater. At one point of time he felt, he should explore NATURAL WORLD in its true colors!! The ball was set rolling. Aasif went on traveling extensively. In the bargain, he left the brush and took to LENS!!

After serving as a Lecturer for about 13 years, he chose to become a Filmmaker, and this opened a whole new world for him to express himself. Involving in almost all facets of Film making, he writes Scripts, Songs, designs Costumes & Sets, does Acting &Cinematography too. He is fairly good at playing Musical Instruments !!

Being well versed with English, Hindi, Kannada & Urdu, Aasif is comfortable with most of the Indian languages.

His Passion for Life knows no boundaries. He loves Traveling, Singing, Cooking, Gardening, Trekking, Horseback riding, Strolling in Mist, Riding bike in the rains and Candle-light Dinners.

In a nutshell, Aasif is Simple, Happy, Wise & Lovable person who lives life moment by moment.

Catch up with him to spice up your moments:)


Written By Miss. Niveditha Banerjee, Novelist

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Acted in many Feature Films like Galige, Mallika, Deviri, Quick Sand, Matha, Tananam Tananam, Aa Dinagalu, Male Bille, Olave Jeevana Lekkachaara, Chamkayisi Chindiudayisi, Suryakanthi, Kallara Santhe, Thamassu.

Also acted in many TV Serials in Kannada & Hindi like Janani, Chaduranga, Premada Kadambari, Balu Belagithu, Aaradhane, Surya Shikari, Chandravadana, Kamana Billu, Kathegara, Badalagadavaru, Katha Prapancha, Pataala Garadi, Shruti, Aralida Hoogalu, Punarjanma, Yaava Janmada Maitri, Kunthi, Sarovara, Akaaknksha, Nashaa, Professor Vaasan, Yule Love Stories, Sara Jahan Hamara, Kaalaatheeth, Guroor, PG. Wodehouse Comedy Series, Malgudi Days, Choti Maa Ek Anokha Bandhan & Timbha Roocha.

Apart from these, acted in Corporate films & TV Commercials like ITC Zeneca, Saffola, Co-operative Movement & B-School (IIM), Britannia Biscuits, MTR, Paragon, BPL, Valentine Biscuits, Asian Paints, Duke Biscuits & BSA Cycles.


Directed more than 50 Plays in Kannada, Hindi, English & Bhojpuri. Acted in more than 75 Plays in Kannada & Hindi

Worked with veterans like, BV Karanth, MS Sathyu, Peter Brook (London), Irshad Panjathan (France), Ratan Thiyam (Manipur), Kolneder (Germany), Shankar Nag (Sanket), Jyothi Bose (Kolkata), CGK, Arundhati Rao, Mohan Agashe (Pune), KV Subbanna (NINASAM), Iqbal (Chinna Banna), Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah & many more.